Fast Video Cutter Joiner

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Fast Video Cutter Joiner is a minimalist video editor that allows you to perform basic video editing tasks with ease. Whether you need to cut or merge multiple video files, this software simplifies the process in just a few clicks.
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Fast Video Cutter Joiner
Feb 1, 2024
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Fast Video Cutter Joiner is a powerful video editing tool with a user-friendly interface. It allows users to quickly trim portions of a video while preserving the quality of the source video. Additionally, users can combine multiple video files. This versatile software supports various input and output formats, making it easy to use for both beginners and experienced editors.

Fast Video Cutter Joiner

If you’re looking to swiftly cut or merge video files, Fast Video Cutter Joiner might be the perfect choice for your editing needs! 🎥✂️

Main Features

  • Trimming Videos: With this tool, you can easily cut out specific portions of your video. Whether it’s removing unwanted scenes or creating shorter clips, the trimming feature allows precise control over your video content.
  • Video Merging: Need to combine multiple video clips into a single file? Fast Video Cutter Joiner lets you merge videos seamlessly. Whether it’s stitching together different scenes or creating a compilation, this feature simplifies the process.
  • Customization Options: You can customize the output settings according to your preferences. Adjust the format, resolution, and audio settings to match your requirements.

Why choose “Fast Video Cutter Joiner”?

This program has a user-friendly interface and is quick and simple to trim and connect videos. It enables users to swiftly cut away portions of a video without sacrificing the original’s quality. Moreover, the user may merge numerous video files.

How to Use Fast Video Cutter Joiner

Methods for cutting a desired video portion

  • Install Fast Video Cutter Joiner on your devices from Apptofounder. Look for “Fast Video Cutter Joiner” download the software, then set up the device.
  • Once “Fast Video Cutter Joiner” has launched, click “Cut“.
  • Press the “Open” button. Choose the video that you wish to edit.
  • Click the “Cut” button after defining the start and finish locations of the section you wish to preserve.
  1. You may pause or play the current video by Tool bar button
  2. By dragging, you may establish the start and finish locations  Drag button, or use Set button To designate the beginning and finish positions of the movie, use the Set button.
  3. Several clips can be clipped at once, to add or remove clips, click the Add or Delete button  Add or delete button
  • To begin trimming the video, select “Fast cut” or “Recode the video” and click the “Ok” button.
Recode the video
  1. With the exception of (rm and rmvb), most videos feature “Fast cut“. Cutting a video just takes a few seconds.
  2. Click on “Encoding settings” after selecting “Record the video” if you wish to modify the output video’s format.

How to combine several videos

  • Click the “Join” button after launching “Fast Video Cutter Joiner“.
  • Press the “Open” button. Choose the many video files you wish to combine.
Open 1
  • Select the “Join” option.
  1. Videos can be removed or rearranged by Tool bar button
  • To start the video joining process, click the “Ok” button.
video joining
  1. Please choose “Encoding settings” if you would like to modify the output video’s format.


  • Shotcut: Shotcut is a free, open-source, cross-platform video editor that offers non-linear editing capabilities. It’s lightweight and consumes fewer resources compared to similar apps. You can trim, merge, and apply effects to your videos with ease.
  • Avidemux: Avidemux is another free and simple video editor that supports various file types. It’s great for basic video editing tasks like trimming and joining videos. Plus, it doesn’t contain any external advertising.
  • LosslessCut: If you’re specifically interested in lossless video cutting and joining, LosslessCut is an excellent choice. It’s fast, efficient, and doesn’t re-encode your videos, ensuring no loss of quality.


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