Monument Valley

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Monument Valley: An enchanting puzzle game featuring breathtaking optical illusions and magnificent architectural wonders.
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Oct 24, 2022
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Monument Valley is a visually stunning mobile puzzle game known for its captivating optical illusions and architectural landscapes. Players navigate through beautifully crafted, mind-bending levels to help the character Ida on her journey. With its unique gameplay and artistic design, it has earned critical acclaim as a masterpiece in mobile gaming.

Monument Valley Game for Android v3.3.104 - Free Download

Main Features of Monument Valley

 Monument Valley is an acclaimed mobile puzzle game that stands out for its unique features:

  • Immersive Optical Illusions: The game’s hallmark is its mind-bending, Escher-inspired architecture. Players manipulate pathways and structures to create impossible optical illusions that challenge the laws of physics.
  • Artistic Design: Monument Valley boasts stunning, minimalist visuals. Each level resembles a work of art, featuring vibrant colors, striking geometry, and intricate details that create a surreal and enchanting world.
  • Engaging Storyline: The game follows Ida, a silent protagonist on a quest to unravel the mysteries of her world. The narrative is told through minimalistic gestures and interactions, adding depth and emotional resonance.
  • Intuitive Touch Controls: Players navigate through the game’s mesmerizing landscapes with simple touch and swipe gestures, making it accessible to players of all ages and skill levels.
  • Puzzle Solving: The core gameplay revolves around solving perspective-based puzzles. Players must manipulate the environment to guide Ida safely through each level, overcoming obstacles and challenges.
  • Relaxing Atmosphere: Monument Valley’s soothing soundtrack and tranquil ambiance create a meditative gaming experience. It encourages players to take their time and enjoy the journey rather than rush through levels.
  • Expansion Packs: The game offers expansion packs that introduce new characters and levels, extending the gameplay experience and providing fresh challenges.
  • Universal Acclaim: Monument Valley has received critical acclaim for its innovation and aesthetics. It won numerous awards, including the Apple Design Award and the BAFTA Games Award for Best British Game.
  • Cultural Impact: The game’s unique design and engaging gameplay have inspired artists, designers, and developers, leaving a lasting impact on the gaming industry and the broader creative community.
  • Accessibility: Monument Valley’s accessibility features, including adjustable difficulty levels and intuitive controls, make it an inclusive game suitable for a wide range of players.

Some Pros and Cons of Monument Valley


  • Stunning visuals.
  • Unique puzzles.
  • Immersive atmosphere.
  • Minimalistic storytelling.
  • Accessible controls.
  • Creative inspiration.


  • Short gameplay.
  • Limited replayability.
  • Some puzzles may frustrate.

How To Use It?

  • Installation: Download and install the Monument Valley game from Apptofounder.
  • Launch the Game: Open the app after installation. You’ll be greeted by a visually stunning main menu.
  • Start Playing: Tap the “Play” button to begin your journey with Ida, the main character. The game consists of a series of levels, each with its unique architecture and puzzles.
  • Navigation: To guide Ida, simply touch the screen where you want her to move. Swipe or drag to manipulate the environment—rotating platforms, shifting stairs, and more—to create pathways for her.
  • Solve Puzzles: The primary objective is to solve perspective-based puzzles to help Ida reach her destination. Some puzzles involve rotating the screen or finding hidden paths, while others require careful observation and creativity.
  • Explore: Take your time to explore the beautifully crafted levels. Monument Valley encourages players to appreciate the artwork and ambiance, making it as much about the journey as the destination.
  • Progression: As you complete levels, the story unfolds, and you’ll encounter new challenges and mechanics. The game gradually introduces more complex puzzles and illusions.
  • Sound and Music: Enjoy the soothing soundtrack that enhances the game’s atmosphere. Headphones are recommended for the full immersive experience.
  • Save Your Progress: The game automatically saves your progress, so you can pick up where you left off at any time.
  • Expansion Packs: Consider purchasing expansion packs like “Forgotten Shores” and “Ida’s Dream” for additional levels and stories.
  • Accessibility: Adjust the game’s difficulty level in the settings if you find some puzzles too challenging. Monument Valley is designed to be accessible to a wide range of players.
  • Inspiration: Beyond playing, Monument Valley can be a source of inspiration for artists, designers, and creators due to its unique design and aesthetics.
  • Completion: Once you’ve completed the game, you can revisit levels or explore user-generated content if available.


If you’re looking for games similar to Monument Valley that offer captivating puzzles and artistic visuals, consider these alternatives:

  • The Witness: In this open-world puzzle game, you explore an uninhabited island filled with intricate puzzles that require keen observation and logic. The game boasts beautiful environments and a sense of wonder.
  • Gris: Gris is a visually stunning platformer that tells an emotional story through its breathtaking hand-drawn art style. It combines platforming challenges with puzzle-solving elements.
  • Lara Croft GO: A turn-based puzzle adventure featuring the iconic Lara Croft. It offers challenging puzzles set in beautifully designed environments, capturing the essence of exploration.
  • Inside: Created by the makers of Limbo, Inside is a dark and atmospheric puzzle platformer with a hauntingly beautiful world. It’s known for its thought-provoking puzzles and storytelling.
  • Limbo: Limbo is a dark and atmospheric platformer with puzzles set in a monochromatic, silhouetted world. Its haunting visuals and challenging puzzles create a unique experience.
  • Braid: This indie puzzle platformer combines time-manipulation mechanics with hand-drawn artwork. It’s renowned for its intricate puzzles and thoughtful storytelling.

Final Words of Monument Valley

In the mesmerizing world of Monument Valley, beauty meets brilliance. This mobile masterpiece, with its stunning visuals and mind-bending puzzles, invites players to embark on a captivating journey filled with wonder and awe. It’s a testament to the artistry and innovation that gaming can achieve, leaving a lasting impression on all who enter its surreal landscapes.


Is Monument Valley available on Android devices?

Yes, Monument Valley is available on both iOS and Android platforms, making it accessible to a wide range of mobile gamers.

What is the typical duration to finish Monument Valley?

Usually, the game may be finished in a few hours. However, the time may vary depending on how quickly you solve the puzzles and how much time you spend exploring the artistic landscapes.

Are there any in-app purchases in Monument Valley?

Monument Valley offers expansion packs like “Forgotten Shores” and “Ida’s Dream,” which are available for purchase. These packs introduce additional levels and stories to the game.

Is Monument Valley suitable for kids?

Yes, Monument Valley is family-friendly and suitable for kids. Its intuitive touch controls and soothing atmosphere make it accessible to players of all ages.

Can I play Monument Valley offline?

Yes, you can enjoy Monument Valley offline once it’s downloaded and installed on your device. It doesn’t require an internet connection to play, making it great for on-the-go gaming.



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