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YouCam Perfect is a free photo editing app that has been downloaded over 800 million times. It offers a wide range of features such as a beauty camera, photo editor, collage maker, object remover, background changer, animated effects, filters, frames, stickers, fonts, and more. You can use the app to edit your selfies, create avatars, apply filters, and share your photos with friends and family.
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Perfect Mobile Corp. Photo & Video Beauty Editor
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Feb 27, 2014
Jan 1, 2024
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YouCam Perfect is a popular photo editing and beauty enhancement app


YouCam Perfect is a popular photo editing and beauty enhancement app for smartphones. Developed by Perfect Corp, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices. YouCam Perfect offers a wide range of features that allow users to edit and enhance their photos to achieve a more polished and professional look.

Main Features

  • Beauty Tools: The app provides various tools for skin beautification, including skin smoothing, blemish removal, and face reshaping. Users can enhance their facial features and achieve a more flawless appearance in their photos.
  • Filters and Effects: YouCam Perfect offers a variety of filters and effects to enhance the overall look of photos. Users can choose from a range of filters to add creative and artistic elements to their images.
  • Collage Maker: The app includes a collage maker feature that allows users to combine multiple photos into a single collage. This is useful for creating photo albums or sharing multiple images in a creative way.
  • Object Removal: YouCam Perfect enables users to remove unwanted objects or people from their photos. This feature helps in improving the composition of the image.
  • Photo Editing Tools: The app provides standard photo editing tools such as cropping, rotating, and adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation. Users can customize their photos according to their preferences.
  • Real-Time Beautification for Selfies: YouCam Perfect includes a real-time beautification feature for selfies, allowing users to preview and capture enhanced images while taking photos with the front-facing camera.

Some Pros and Cons


  • Offers a proprietary instant beautification tool.
  • In-app fashion social network.
  • Allows you to improve face shape.
  • Supports face-detection technology.
  • Supports social media sharing.


  • Requires in-app purchase to remove ads.

How to Use It?

  • Download and Install: First, download and install YouCam Perfect from Apptofounder.
  • Open the App: Launch the YouCam Perfect app by tapping on its icon.
  • Capture or Select a Photo: Take a photo using the in-app camera or choose an existing photo from your gallery.
  • Apply Real-Time Beautification (Optional): If you’re taking a selfie, YouCam Perfect provides real-time beautification features. Adjust the level of beautification to your preference before capturing the photo.
  • Use Beauty Tools: After selecting a photo, explore the beauty tools. These may include:
    • Skin Smoothing: Reduce the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles.
    • Face Reshaping: Adjust facial features for a more flattering look.
    • Blemish Removal: Erase imperfections or unwanted spots.
  • Apply Filters and Effects: YouCam Perfect offers a variety of filters and effects to enhance your photos. Experiment with different options to find the style you like.
  • Collage Maker (Optional): If you want to create a photo collage, use the collage maker feature. Select multiple photos, choose a layout, and arrange them as desired.
  • Object Removal (Optional): The app may include a feature for removing unwanted objects or people from your photos. Use this tool to enhance the composition.
  • Adjust Basic Settings: Explore basic photo editing settings such as cropping, rotating, and adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation.
  • Save or Share: Once you’re satisfied with the edits, save the photo to your device or share it directly on social media platforms.
  • Explore Additional Features: YouCam Perfect may have additional features, such as stickers, frames, and more. Explore these to add creative elements to your photos.
  • Review Tutorials (Optional): Some apps provide tutorials to help users get the most out of the features. Check for any in-app tutorials if you want to learn more about specific tools.


  • Snapseed: Developed by Google, Snapseed offers a wide range of professional-level photo editing tools. It includes features for tuning images, applying filters, and enhancing details.
  • VSCO: VSCO is known for its high-quality filters and minimalist interface. It offers advanced photo editing tools and a community aspect where users can share their edited photos.
  • Adobe Lightroom: Lightroom is a professional-grade photo editing app by Adobe. It provides advanced editing features, including color correction, gradient adjustments, and more. It also syncs edits across devices.
  • Prisma: Prisma transforms your photos into artworks using various art styles inspired by famous artists. It’s a unique app that gives photos a distinctive and artistic flair.
  • Pixlr: Pixlr is an intuitive photo-editing application that is rather flexible. It offers a wide range of tools, filters, and effects for both basic and advanced photo editing.

Final Words

Overall, YouCam Perfect is a feature-rich photo editing app that offers a wide range of tools to enhance your photos. While it does have ads, the app is free to download and use. If you’re looking for a photo editing app that can help you create stunning selfies, YouCam Perfect is definitely worth checking out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is YouCam Perfect free to use?

YouCam Perfect is free to download and use. However, it may offer in-app purchases for additional features or premium content.

What beauty tools does YouCam Perfect provide?

YouCam Perfect provides beauty tools such as skin smoothing, face reshaping, and blemish removal. These tools aim to enhance facial features in photos.

Can I use YouCam Perfect for non-selfie photos?

Yes, YouCam Perfect can be used for any photos, not just selfies. It offers a range of editing tools and features that can enhance various types of images.

How do I apply filters and effects in YouCam Perfect?

After selecting a photo, navigate to the filters and effects section. You can choose from a variety of options to apply different styles and enhancements to your photos.

Can YouCam Perfect remove unwanted objects from photos?

Some versions of YouCam Perfect may include a feature for object removal, allowing you to erase unwanted elements from your photos.

How do I save or share my edited photos in YouCam Perfect?

After editing your photo, look for options like “Save” or “Share.” You can save the edited photo to your device or directly share it on social media platforms.


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