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Pepi Super Stores is an engaging, interactive mobile game that invites players to explore a virtual shopping mall. Within the game, users can discover various stores, engage with numerous characters, and unlock creative play scenarios. It's designed to spark imagination and offer endless role-playing opportunities for children.
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Pepi Play
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Mar 22, 2017
Jan 26, 2024
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Pepi Super Stores is an interactive children's game

Overview of Pepi Super Stores

Pepi Super Stores is an interactive children’s game developed by Pepi Play, known for its educational and creativity-encouraging games. Launched as part of the Pepi series, it allows players to explore a vibrant shopping mall, engaging in various role-playing activities across multiple stores. Designed to stimulate imagination and teach about everyday life in a playful environment, the game has evolved through updates to include more characters and interactive elements, maintaining its appeal and educational value for children.

Main Features of Pepi Super Stores

  • Interactive Environment: Pepi Super Stores provides a rich, interactive shopping mall experience where every object can be interacted with, encouraging exploration and discovery.
  • Wide Range of Characters: Players can choose from a diverse set of characters to play within the game, each with unique reactions and interactions, promoting understanding and empathy.
  • Customization and Creativity: Children can dress up characters in various outfits, style their hair, and more, fostering creativity and self-expression.
  • Educational Content: Through role-playing in different stores and scenarios, children learn about various aspects of daily life, such as shopping, cooking, and personal care, in a fun and engaging way.
  • Safe and Kid-friendly: Pepi Super Stores is designed with children’s safety in mind, featuring intuitive navigation and a safe environment free from in-app purchases and ads, ensuring a secure space for kids to play and learn.
  • Multi-story Shopping Mall: Pepi Super Stores features a multi-level mall with various stores like a supermarket, fashion boutique, beauty salon, and electronics shop, each offering unique interactive experiences.
  • Creativity and Storytelling: With no set goals or objectives, children are free to create their own stories and scenarios, enhancing their storytelling and imaginative play skills.
  • Regular Updates: Pepi Play frequently updates the game with new content, characters, and interactive elements, keeping the game fresh and engaging for returning players.


  • Educational Value: It introduces children to various aspects of daily life, such as shopping, personal care, and social interactions, in a fun and engaging way, promoting learning through play.
  • Enhances Creativity: Allowing children to create their own stories and scenarios fosters creativity, imagination, and storytelling skills.
  • Safe Environment: Explicitly designed for children, it offers a safe, ad-free environment with no in-app purchases, ensuring a secure space for kids to explore and play.
  • Interactive Gameplay: Pepi Super Stores is highly interactive, with almost every element within the virtual mall being clickable and usable, encouraging exploration and discovery.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Features a wide range of characters and settings, promoting diversity and helping children understand and appreciate differences.


  • Limited Educational Depth: While it introduces various concepts, the game might not provide deep educational content in specific areas like math, science, or literacy.
  • Repetitiveness: Some players might find the gameplay repetitive over time, as the core mechanics of exploration and interaction remain unchanged.
  • Limited Challenges: The game is designed to be open-ended and free-form, which means it may lack the challenges or puzzles that help develop problem-solving skills in other educational games.

How to Use Pepi Super Stores?

Download and Install the Game

  • Go to Apptofounder. Get the game by searching for “Pepi Super Stores.” Install the game on your device.

Open the Game

  • Once installed, open the game on your device. The game usually starts with a main menu or directly in the virtual shopping mall environment.

Explore the Mall

  • Pepi Super Stores consists of a multi-story shopping mall with various stores. Children can swipe left or right to explore different stores and floors.
  • Tap on the elevator buttons or stairs to move characters between different floors.

Interact with Characters and Items

  • Drag characters to move them around the mall and interact with objects.
  • Tap on items and characters to see the interactions. For example, clothes can be dragged onto characters to change their outfits, items can be purchased at the checkout, and food can be cooked or eaten.

Customize and Create Stories

  • Use the game’s elements to create unique scenarios and stories. There are no specific objectives or end goals, allowing for endless creativity.
  • Experiment with the different tools and items available in each store to see how they can be combined or used in new ways.

Explore Special Features

  • Look out for special features or updates that may introduce new characters, stores, or interactive elements to keep the gameplay exciting and fresh.

Tips for Parents and Guardians

  • Play Together: Spend time playing the game with your child to guide them through the features and encourage creative play.
  • Discuss the Game: Use the scenarios and characters within the game as starting points for discussions about daily activities, professions, and social interactions.
  • Limit Screen Time: Although Pepi Super Stores is educational, it’s important to balance screen time with other activities.


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Final Words of Pepi Super Stores

Pepi Super Stores is a vibrant and educational game that excels in blending fun with learning, offering children a playful way to explore daily life activities within a safe and interactive environment. It nurtures creativity, encourages exploration, and promotes understanding of social norms through engaging gameplay. As a tool for parents and educators, it stands out for its child-friendly design, emphasis on safety, and its ability to adapt to the interests and imaginations of young users. Despite the need for balanced screen time, Pepi Super Stores represents a valuable addition to the digital play experiences available for children, fostering learning and imagination in an enjoyable and meaningful way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Pepi Super Stores is safe for children. It is designed with a child-friendly interface, contains no in-app purchases, and is free from third-party advertising, ensuring a secure environment for kids to explore and play.

Yes, once downloaded, Pepi Super Stores can be played offline, making it convenient for children to enjoy the game without needing an active internet connection.

No, Pepi Super Stores is designed to be a safe and secure environment for children, with no in-app purchases or disruptive third-party ads.

As an open-ended, exploration-based game, Pepi Super Stores does not have traditional progress tracking or levels. The focus is on creative play and learning through interaction rather than achieving specific milestones.



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